Visitor’s Book – Testimonials

We have so many lovely, appreciative comments left on our Visitor’s Book that’s it’s difficult to know which to share.  Below are a selection of recent testimonials.

We have loved everything, the breath-taking views, the air, the food- the list goes on,  Salem is the perfect place to explore this wonderful part of the country.

David and Wendy - Staffordshire

Long walks in dazzling sun, wild gales, soft mist.  Heard the first cuckoo.  A lovely time here – a week not long enough.

Laura - York

Wonderful landscape, wonderful people, wonderful birds.

Jacqui, Lincoln

The boys loved the beaches and fought the waves on a different one each day.  Old castles, beautiful gardens, medieval churches – add hiking and the beaches and we had no difficulty to fill the two weeks. I cannot imagine a coast more beautiful and Salem is an ideal place to visit the area.

Stella and Tom - Sussex

Love the peacefulness, couldn’t get that in London.

Tom (aged 10), London

Salem, a wonderful place, we loved immediately.  We enjoyed the windy days, the weather changing so quickly, dramatic sky, beautiful sunsets.  We saw and heard many sea birds, and wonderful to see for the first time grey seals. Thanks for having no Internet access, no TV.

Mary and Nick - Switzerland

So beautiful house – gorgeous surroundings – feeling at home from the beginning until the very last moment!

Heidi and Nicole - Munich

I cannot imagine a coast more beautiful, and Salem is an ideal place to visit this area.

Simon, Germany